Aggressive Insurance Adjusters

Aggressive Insurance Adjusters

As previously mentioned, the last thing that an insurance adjuster wants to do is award a claim for a substantial amount of money to a victim. There may be some instances in which financial incentives in the form of bonuses or raises may be associated with the amount of money that an insurance adjuster can save the company. In these situations, the adjuster is working more for his own good rather than that of an injured victim or bereaved family. To this end, they will often use certain strategies that can be used to see a claim denied or severely diminished. Car Accident Attorney

One strategy that is often used is for the adjuster to attempt to place as much blame on any other party other than their client. If they are successful in placing the majority of the blame on the accident victim, then the claim will be dismissed. Further, if blame can be directed onto multiple parties, then the insured’s client will not have to pay as much in compensation. In short, aggressive insurance adjusters will do whatever necessary to deflect as much blame as possible from their clients. They will badger and inundate the motorcycle accident victim with questions in an attempt to trip up the victim concerning his recollection of the accident. If successful, these missteps will be recorded and used against the victim later to disprove the victim’s memory of the accident. If the attorneys for the defense have conducted a thorough investigation and the plaintiff hasn’t, an insurance adjuster can use the evidence collected in the investigation to build a solid case against the motorcycle accident victim. If you do not have sufficient evidence to support your claim, you have little chance to refute the claims made against you.

Another tactic used by an insurance adjuster is to offer the accident victim or bereaved family quick compensation. Generally speaking, the offer will be accompanied by paperwork that must be signed by the victim before the compensation can be released. This settlement will most often be a low-ball offer. This offer frequently contains a tantalizing amount of money that could be very appealing to a victim who has a need for quick cash. However, if the victim accepts the offer, he must first sign away all his rights to bring a lawsuit against the parties responsible for his injuries. If an insurance adjuster can contact a victim before he or she has the opportunity to obtain legal representation, the adjuster’s chances of settling the case for the least amount of money is increased. Often, when the adjuster cannot get the case dismissed, a low-ball settlement offer is the next best choice.motorcycle accident attorneys corpus christi

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